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SurrogacyUK.care is a full-service fertility company dedicated to assisting couples and those who have gone through difficulty or can’t conceive, and offer assistance and support while navigating alternative methods to building a family.

Our caring and detailed consulting for fertility solutions truly set us apart, allowing us to help you on your journey.

SurrogacyUK.care is focused on taking the distress out of fertility selections. We value our clients and pursue options to each individuals’ needs and only offer those with the best chance of success. By fostering associations with leading fertility professionals round the world, we have built an considerable network of support for our clients to include:

  • renowned fertility clinics, IVF specialists and physicians
  • doulas and midwives with surrogacy experience
  • highly-specialized fertility lawyers
  • psychologists, counsellors, and social workers

We have the right people in place to make your dreams come true with our highly-trained and dedicated team. Our goal is to make your journey towards parenthood as stress-free and successful as we can. We provide detailed support through our:

  • Trust and accounting department
  • Intended parent case specialists
  • Surrogate support specialists
  • Management team
  • Sacred programs for surrogates, planned parents, and egg donors
  • Full service egg donation

We also provide services and support in these areas near you: Spring Vale, Deritend, Digbeth, Sparkbrook, Highgate, Vauxhall, Nechells Green, Bordesley Green, Birmingham, Small Heath

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We will be there every step of the way, encouraging your physical, medical and mental needs as we show you through the surrogacy and adoption processes.

Our high benchmarks of practice make SurrogacyUK Care the ultimate destination for care, instruction, assistance and support.

Our caring and detailed consulting for fertility solutions truly sets us apart, making us the ultimate destination for surrogacy assessment services.

Finally, SurrogacyUK Care provides the least expensive price point on the market. We want you to make your dreams of experiencing a family come true, while letting you sustain your ability to finance and support that family down the road and well into your future.

What is Surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is the process whereby a woman – the gestational surrogate – consents with an embryo transfer process, otherwise known as an IVF Procedure. During this procedure, an embryo (or plural embryos) deriving from the couple acquiring the surrogacy service is implanted in the surrogate. If and when the procedure is successful, the surrogate becomes impregnated with the child of the couple (the designed parents). The level of involvement with the surrogate thereafter is completely up to the intended parents – typically, the couple is involved with the initial IVF treatments, and being present at the point of delivery of their child. They then assume responsibility for the child post-delivery and make the long term move to legal parenthood.

Surrogacy Timeline

The process starts by selecting a surrogate mother for your embryo and IVF procedure

Afterwards we sit down along with you and adjust costs across a variety of realms including, but not limited to medical, alimentary, accommodations, legal fees, transportation and so on.

Reliable, safe and innovative medical rules for the IVF procedure are undertaken.

We offer consultation with legal aid with respect to the nationality of your child, as well as formal adoption procedures and assuming responsibility of the child once the surrogate has given birth

What is IVF?

IVF is a process women choose to undergo when they are experiencing difficulties with infertility. The conventional IVF involves the removal of the human oocytes from the ovaries and the fertilization process, accomplished by “letting” motile spermatozoa to fertilize the oocytes into a special culture medium. Which means that once embryos are produced, they are moved in to the uterine cavity through a process called Embryo Transfer. IVF is used to imitate the biological functions, in vivo.

IVF is utilized for women who’ve blocked or broken fallopian tubes, thus stopping the egg and sperm from meeting naturally. IVF may also help you and your partner if your infertility is unexplained and/or the male partner has a minimal sperm count. Other factors like mature age endometriosis, immunology, excess weight and psychology may lead people to infertility. IVF can be the option for you if these factors enter into play at this stressful time in your lives.

IVF Timeline

Throughout a woman’s normal menstrual period, LH and FSH are the hormones that the body uses to promote development and maturation of a single oocyte. In order to optimize your pregnancy rates during IVF, it is important to have more thatn one tmature oocyte for fertilization, embryo development and transfer into the uterus. The ovaries are therefore stimulated using higher levels of the stimulating hormone that normally exist in your body. This is achieved using Gonadotrophin injections. A variety of stimulation regimes can be found at this time, and the doctor chooses the one suitable to your biological system, in order to achieve a good number of high quality oocytes. Close monitoring of the follicles (the sacs that contain the growing oocytes in the ovaries) is necessary and it is achieved with consistent ultra-sound in order to ascertain their size and their numbers . At the appropriate timing, more hormones will be administered, aiding with the final maturation of the oocytes. Based on all the available responses and laboratory studies, the best time for the recovery will be established.

This is the procedure by which the doctor collects the oocytes of the female body, a procedure requiring anesthesia. A little needle enters the upper part of the vagina, through the instruction of the ultrasound, into the ovary’s follicles. The fluid that is aspirated will then be taken to the lab, where the oocytes will be identified and moved into culture media inside an incubator at 37oC to continue the maturation process for several more hours.

In this step, your partner will have to give his sample of sperm on the day of the oocyte recovery which will be preserved until needed). His sperm will be carefully made ready with a special procedure and the healthy spermatozoa separately. There are around 100,000 motile spermatozoa added per oocyte, with 4-6 hours after oocyte recovery. This is in order for the fertilization to occur within the following 12-18 hours in the incubator. The insemination process will lead to the fertilization of the oocytes, and ensuing embryos are transferred to different culture media to be observed closely over the next 48 hours.

The best quality embryos are chosen and are moved through the neck of the womb using a small catheter based on their rate of growth and morphology. The amount of embryos that will be transferred is decided based on the age and health background of the potential mother; alongside the number and quality of the embryos which have now been released during each therapy cycle. For each couple, there is a possibility of experiencing more than one child. Embryo transfer is a painless procedure, much like having a cervical smear, and thankfully takes just a few minutes. Once the job has been completed, we highly recommend a brief resting period in the recovery room. One day after, oocyte retrieval progesterone and other supplements will be recommended to ensure that the lining of the uterus receives sufficient activation and sustains the implantation of the embryos. Quantitative pregnancy tests with blood must also be done 12-14 days after embryo transfer.

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