build your family is an initiative looking to connect families with fertility care experts in order to guide them through their journey. We offer a range of fertility solutions that include: IVF and Surrogacy.

We deliver high success rates throughout every intended parent’s journey.

we build families

We are a team of fertility coordinators offering solutions to any intended parent in the UK. We work closely with a vast network of clinics that will be able to accommodate each and every special case.

We are a family centered initiative offering fertility solutions in the UK. We specialize in matching & connecting intended parents seeking for surrogacy solutions, with the most professional, state of the art clinics- offering various programs around the world.
We are there every step of the way, supporting every physical, medical and emotional needs during your surrogacy journey. Our high standards of practice, make us the ultimate destination for care, instruction and guidance.  Our consultants are available on the phone serving locations like [cities]

Our coordinators

Stephanie M.

Fertility Coordinator

Originally Canadian, Stephanie brings a deep understanding of the gift of surrogacy, having experienced the role of intended parent herself. Stephanie can genuinely understand all issues involved& will accompany you with her wisdom of first hand experience.

Svetlana S.

Fertility Coordinator

Svetlana is our multi lingual coordinator, helping patients in Chinese, Russian, as well as French. Svetlana will make best use of her knowledge to make our international clients comfortable, every step of the way.

Katerina A.

Fertility Coordinator

Fluent in English, Greek & German, Katerina will gladly help with all arrangement needed. Katerina will provide all the necessary information you need in order to understand the whole process of your journey.

Our Services


Intended parents might feel overwhelmed with information when considering surrogacy. At Gaia Fertility we offer a simple and personal approach to your journey. Your personal coordinator will help you choose the ideal program for you, and walk aside you through every step-untill success


IVF is an option women choose when they are experiencing difficulties with infertility. Traditional IVF involves removing the human oocytes from the ovaries and the fertilization process, achieved by “letting” motile spermatozoa to fertilize the oocytes into a special culture medium.  IVF is employed to imitate the biological processes.

Legal Processing

Our team’s leading expertise in surrogacy law is at the heart of our experience and all we do (we are the sister of an international agency; Gaia Fertility.) If you are building your family through surrogacy you ought to know, not just that you will have the ability to have a child, but that you can do so legally and ultimately have a family which is fully legally recognised as yours.

Words from intended parents

I got on the phone with Stephanie and absolutely fell in love with her patience and dedication. She searched through the hundreds of agencies that they worked with and made sure that it adhered to UK laws.

Marc Thompson

Because of high cost, we were never able to undergo fertility solutions in the UK. Karina guided us towards their clinic in Cyprus. We are ecstatoc with the results and are finally living our dream of having a family.

Sarah Velasquez

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